What is Hugu?

HUGU is the way to know that you’ve got someone beside you. Your mum, kids, the love of your life… any person that’s important and close to you.
It’s a lovable, hand knitted, fluffy bear full of sheep’s wool, in which you can record your voice. And from its rump through to the tips of its ears it’s been handmade right here in Latvia. Its eyes were inserted by clever artists in Rīga. And its heart contains a robust audio system which will save your recording. Pressing its paw, you can whisper your fondest thoughts into its ear. And this remains safe in the bear’s tummy forever.

How does it work?

Now then, in front of you is a bear. Take him in your hands, turn him to face you. His left paw is on your left. His right paw is on your right. These are also your control tools.
 And now let’s get down to business. Get ready to create a surprise for somebody.

  • 1

    Message recording

    Before the recording, make sure that you are in a totally quiet place. Open the zipper located on the bear’s back and switch the ON/OFF button to ON. To record your voice, press and hold the bear’s left paw throughout the recording. Start speaking after half a second and say your message into the bear’s right ear at a distance of about 20-30 cm from the ear. Try the recording several times, at various distances and volumes until you find the best version. Maximum recording time: 155 seconds.
  • 2

    Replay to check sound

    To listen to the recording, press the bear’s right paw. Press it again and the replay will stop.
  • 3

    Erasure and repeated recording

    Not exactly what you’d hoped for? If you want to erase the recording and record it again, press the bear’s left paw once again and hold it for three seconds. Afterwards repeat the first point.
  • 4

    Saving the message

    This is the most responsible moment of all. When the real version is ready and you want to save it, press both of the bear’s paws and hold them for three seconds. When the bear starts to replay its message, you can be sure that it has been saved.
    Remember that once it has been saved, it will not be possible to record it again or to erase it!
  • 5

    Listening to the message

    All you have to do to listen to the bear’s message is to simply press either of its paws.
Speak here
And finally… to avoid unpleasant surprises, 
the teddy bear should definitely not be:
  • washed
  • placed in water
  • burned
  • torn and cut
  • placed in a microwave oven
  • prodded with sharp objects
  • subject to other powerful electromagnetic rays
  • exposed to direct sunlight
  • kept at temperatures above 40°C and under 10°C
Don’t forget to change batteries time to time! Three AA batteries ensure recording and listening of the message!
That’s all. Now all that remains is to deliver the bear to its happy new owner.

Good luck!

Hugu creators

Lauris Rasa

Hugu's soul and creator

At a time when people are reconsidering their lives, when the material world more often than not bows to the spiritual one, when we’re becoming citizens of the world and physical distance is being negated by virtual communication; more than ever before we’re in need of sincerity, true feelings and emotions.

Maija Mackus

Hugu designer, artist

The image of a teddy bear has followed me for several years. I think he arrived of his own accord - when the first one appeared, I already knew what it should look like. Therefore, I found it fascinating right from the start - watching each bear grow and become a HUGU. And each of them is slightly different – no two bears are alike! This is apparently known as creation - it’s interesting. And it’s ongoing.

Arnolds Āriņš

Hugu sound system inventor, engineer

Seeing how a genuine product or HUGU evolves from the seed of a tiny idea, I’ve obtained new experience and expanded my knowhow in the field of radio electronics, in order to create the most pleasant sound possible. Just as a musician develops his hearing in order to play an instrument more adeptly, I’ve tried to create the best sound possible.

Where can I buy it?

Web store

HUGU creative laboratory

Zemitāna Street 6, Riga
+371 22474846


T: +371 22474846
M: +371 22474846
E: hugu@hugu.lv
Address: Zemitāna Street 6, Riga